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  • Our Efforts are there to utilize our experience and knowledge for ecosystem value addition. 
  • We are thought leader for technology promotion and value creation through technology elaboration, technical insights, technical writings, solution creation and new ideas with PoC developments.
  • We provide consultancy services and low cost R&D with resource augmentation and offshore team formation. 

Thought Leadership 

5G is an unprecedented turn in telecom technology space, but a well defined vision from ITU-T 2020. 5G is not a distinctive sliver of the next G, not even a sharp cut but a broad widening growth of telecom space and technology with a smooth flow from LTE adv pro on wards. 5G is about Cellular, FWA, Convrgence, IOT/IOE, M2M, massive IOT, High densification, smallcell, 3GPP categorizes 5G application, like eMBB, mIOT, URLLC. Essentially 5G is about ultra low latency, of the order of 1 ms and very high speed, in range of 10-20 Ghz.
"Fundarc-Communication", has a team of expertise, set of people who spent more than 15 years in telecom industry, covering whole gamut of telecom space. We provides consultancy services in strategy formation,  technology, innovative solutions and low cost r&d.

Industry Leading Solutions 

We envision the next generation networks with the notion of "homogeneous connectivity through heterogeneous networks". With advent of 5G architecture in NSA and SA mode our believe becomes strong and we came with concept of LSC, "Large scale convergence". As 5G for us would provide unified core network with convergence of multliple access networks like LTE, WiFi, 5GNR. 
LSC "Large Scale Convergence" is not only about convergence of access only but a holistic approach and enabelment's in network for adapting as per the application requirements, i.e. addressing the verticals at service management and delivering through network slicing. 

Experienced Resources

We are acquiring global presence with fast pace, developing trust and collaboration, growing in terms of expertise and brand value. We recently came in touch with organizations active in innovation and development around Cloud technologies, Cloud transition, MEC, VNF etc. Sharing expertise with global support makes us a strong player in consultancy space. We can provide a right fulfillment in technology areas with expert hands and required deliberations.

Niche Training's

We provide training on LTE, LTE adv, 5G, Cloud, VNF/NFV, Volte, VoWiFI, CSFB, SRVCC, IMS, WiFi offlaod, WiFi + Cellular convergence, etc. Embedded systems, Linux , RTOS, etc.

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