Wednesday 19 October 2016

5G - 3GPP Progress on Release15

The 3GPP standards body has forced key decisions to be made in its RAN work some three months earlier than originally planned, concerning areas where system-level features have dependency on RAN decisions. It has also agreed to develop Non-Standalone New Radio scenarios (that will use current LTE core network connectivity) in parallel with a Standalone scenario that will use the Next Generation Core.

Multi Access -MEC, with local break-outs and hyper dense spectrum for enterprise traffic engineering

Earlier this month, the MEC industry standards group received an updated mandate from ETSI, extending work for a further two years. This was done, in part, to the need to make MEC available across all access networks, from today’s LTE to tomorrow’s 5G, as well as wireline and wireless LANs. And speaking of cellular, at some point the 3GPP will no doubt be looking to subsume MEC into its ongoing cellular standardisation work – so what can the MEC group do now to prepare for the inevitable, and how can it help 3GPP and not duplicate work activities?

Meanwhile, vendors from the telecoms and enterprise sectors are developing edge computing solutions today. The enterprise remains a lucrative market for telcos, but they don’t want to repeat the approach originally made with small cells – i.e. buy small cells from us and help us alleviate network congestion. Enterprise IT buyers are savvy customers and they will only play ball if they get true benefits. This then leads into a discussion about where the “edge” actually is, and how far it extends into the core network.

Saturday 8 October 2016

A descriptive Note on conceptualizing 5G and its enabler technologies

5G is there for discussion among techno guru's and technology evangelist in every next upcoming forums and expositions. It remained to be so for the time to come and industry to formulate standards and requirements. As 5G is not about a next phase of 4G, though the advancement on 4G is being termed as 4G pro, 4.5G .....4.9G and subsequently moving to 5G. The picture for 5G is still looming and would take time to emerge with its shades and color's.

Since the discussion is on, just want to revise through my comprehensive writes through my white paper at HCL technology with all relevant insight on 5G.

There is more about 5G in a descriptive note on conceptualization and enabler technologies from HCL Technologies (Authored by Saurabh Verma, follow him