Tuesday 19 September 2017

LSC-Large scale convergence, a 5G way- By Saurabh Verma, Fundarc Communication.


MEC, Mobile Edge computing, is the kingpin of ‘Large scale convergence’. As the five fingers in a palm are not same, and not need to be, so there are different technological requirement to provide a complete hand to the connectivity systems. This actually embarks upon the need for the convergence at the access network.
This convergence not only going to cater multiple technologies but various aspects of application demands, those are unique to each application, in terms of performance, business model, revenue, mission critical, customer satisfaction, customer retention and many more which define it for the large scale convergence (LSC).
This LSC will be contingent upon Mobile edge computing i.e. MEC in short. This is because of the ‘large scale’ requirements , which need to be catered in flexible, scale able  and well defined way and that is also the way the MEC itself will be defined. Therefore both are mutually inclusive things and also most of the application delivery and operational logic will move to the edge.

There are many radio access technologies are emerging under the 5G standardization, or standardization of technologies towards 5G, mostly like NR-New Radio, mmWave, Wi-Fi, LTE, LTE-A, LTE-U, MuLTEFire, massive MIMO, LAA, LWA, LWP .

Each technological approach has its own way of addressing the challenges and also its limitations and constrains. Therefore for the application we have to be selective in terms of technology, infrastructures and operational requirements. That is about -- We need to take holistic approach for deploying and delivering the application, A complete end to end vision and  A top to bottom approach. That is where the concept of 'Network Slicing looms out.

more on NS tobe later.......but the zist is --
This ‘Large scale convergence’ will be contingent upon MEC and this will facilitate the network slicing for better application or service deployment and delivery in cost effective or business ready manner.
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