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WiFi + Cellular Integration (WCR13)

We were the first to propose WiFi and Cellular integration at RAN/IP-RAN level. Though it was through channels not our own but it finally resulted into a Consultancy efforts through our own venture as similar step were taken by 3GPP in Release 13 in form of LWA and LWIP. Therefore  Industry got good recognition for it.

Our Solution for WiFi and Cellular integration is more generic and fundamental and could be enhanced for 5G ready networks.

We call our 5G ready concept as "homogeneous connectivity through heterogeneous networks"

This solution has become the life line of our existence and start of venture. We are growing it in line for 5G convergence , that we believe is the mantra for next gen telecom networks.

salient aspects

Our Next 5G ready version of it would be WCR15. ....yet to come.
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