Tuesday, 16 May 2017

5G, in current Focus - Just from a quick survey.

I asked people to select their best focus on 5G, given in four different categories. Though the number of participants were not in abundance but of significant positions and satisfactory to the time of survey taken ( So i say it a quick survey on 5G focus). The results are here below..
Question : how do you best define the 5G, you may select multiple option.
1. convergence+IOT+MANO -- 47%
2. NFV+SDN+Network Slicing -- 68%
3. VNF+DC+ORCH -- 10%
4. NR+WiFi+LAA -- 21%

note since it was multiple selection so the sum of % is not 100%. I say it dilution in focus. on quick inferences on this data followings could be take outs. 1. People looking in 5G, more software rather than hardware, more flexibility and scalabity. More aligned to application demands. 68% focus is here.
2. People looking all the available resource as a large scale convergence, better coverage and capacity, IOT, and management and operation ready. 47% focus is here.
3. accepting new radio or refarmed radio-not much in current focus. 21% focus i here.
4. Most controversial results are here, virtualization (microscopic virtualization, deliberately categorizing it) , is not in the propensity as expected. The reason could be complexity and unclear picture as of now. 10% focus appears here.

I feel this interesting and would be looking for your views in comments, before interpreting in details.
Please write.