Tuesday, 26 December 2017

3GPP TSG focus on next year compiled from RAN78 meeting report.

I alwayes batted for complete CU and DU split .....since last 2-3 years...though not caring much about technical inquisitives but more for next gen network obectives and its perceptives, 3GPP RAN meeting conclusion here as putted by RAN chairman.....include this for consideration ....
Excerpts from the meeting report and 3GPP RAN Focus for next years as well as release 16.

© 3GPP 2012
© 3GPP 2017 8
RAN Architecture
Control plane – User plane (CP –UP) split
• Following the conclusion of the SI,...

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IMT2020 submission
Calibration for self-evaluation
• Good progress, but more time is needed to ...

3GPP’s proposal for the IMT-2020 call from the ITU-R is on schedule. TSG RAN is currently planning a workshop, for October 2018, which will provide an insight on our 5G technology and provide detailed self-evaluation results (including simulation assumptions and calibration) of the 3GPP 5G proposal.

Strong Focus as expected would be on next years working items.

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Study on 6 GHz for LTE and NR
New Study Item was approved to investigate the existing regulator...

Future plan for Release 16..... © 3GPP 2012
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Next Steps for Rel16 proposals
Work areas with multiple proposals at RAN#78 to be consolidated ...

3GPP TSG going to have workshop next year october 2018....... © 3GPP 2012
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Workshop Scope
Organize a 3GPP Workshop on “5G” in 2018
• 1 ½ day workshop
• From October 24th,...

Deatail report is presented here ......