Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Data is the Electricity

The data is next electricity,  it is going to flow to all your appliances and in your surroundings . 5G is a technology, which have the vision of sort, that it will address the networks in way, such that those are going to handle enormous applications, which influence almost every part of our life, same the way electricity does.

5G is not about a data connectivity only, it is about to make data a utility, which going to lighten up every industry around, our house holds, street, vehicles, transportation, health, education, and so and so….

The technology is continuously evolving and setting the disruption to re-think and re-imagine our new challenges. We are ready today with high performance computational power, giving us freedom of abstractions, and we are there with virtualization of our ideas, or re-imagination of network architecture or data centers.

Some of such achievements have come up with names, like Cloud Computing, Software defined networking, Virtual network Functions, etc. These felicitations for abstractions are going to help us, to create the infrastructure, in a way to address our upcoming or foreseen challenges, and that is where gist of 5G lies.

For access of such infra, we need multiple types of medium and techniques, and there is the requirement for a large scale convergence at the access in terms of access infrastructure. Radio for wireless access is being advancing with new spectrum, and even spectrum re-farming is underway. Also technology is incorporating dynamic spectrum allocation for scarce spectrum. Industry has focus on millimeter waves, above 24 GH spectrum, and also below 6 GH as for Novel radio.
Bringing this to everywhere, in terms of everywhere connectivity is something we talk about IOT, which is ,more a less, re-imagination of M2M or MTC kind of advancement in telecom arena.

This all provide the capability to connect anywhere with a required bandwidth, for data to communicate, and also with a kind of infrastructure, those are highly available and flexible to cater the fluctuated demand.

The new architecture will have salient advantages as for their management, operation, and deployment etc.

The network will be provided as per the demand and requirement of hosted application, they are in fact, defined by the application and there would be end to end slices of the available infrastructures for the sake of hosting the application demand, in terms of capacity, latency, bandwidth, availability etc.

5G is about to explode with so many stuff being accumulated and we are at the top of it. That’s a beginning of new era in terms of connectivity everywhere.