Wednesday, 15 November 2017

We said DATA is a utility - Found CommScope Saying - It is Equal to Water, Power, GAS.

Data is a Utility - we said earlier this year

In the Era of everywhere connectivity of everything or many things around us, the machines or even things will find their buddy and makes the humans life easy. I think about the ‘last man’ again here, as the next society will be heavily based on data as medium of connectivity and communication, and many of the services for ordinary purpose, and also for critical purpose, would be based on data. So everyone or even the ‘last one’ who is vital to society need to be connected. Therefore data has its own political streak, like power, water or roads. As we develop infrastructure for power, road etc. for reaching out to remote underdeveloped villages, so the need for data too, and this benefit should be there on political matrix.

It’s not that we are silent here, the ‘Govt of India’ is running programs to connect villages on fiber network under the project named ‘NOFN’ --National Optical Fibre Network

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Lets see whats CommScope has come up with their view on data .......from the below blog of CommScope

Wireless Connectivity—Equal to Water, Power, Gas?

In some ways, the wireless revolution of the past 20 years has been one of history’s quietest innovations. Consider how quickly and effortlessly wireless users have adopted the once-fantastical notion of universal connectivity in an affordable, pocket-sized device. In less than a single generation, the world has evolved from a tethered telephone to a wireless communication device that puts the world at your fingertips—at any time and any place.

The only things that have grown faster than wireless adoption are user expectations for instant access and reliable, fast performance. Dead zones, when discovered, are regarded with surprise and disappointment. A dropped call is considered embarrassing. For such a young technology, cellular communication has already cultivated a nearly universal expectation of ubiquitous, high-quality, high-speed performance, indoors and out—a trend that will only accelerate with the future generations.

For this reason, many consider in-building wireless and its associated infrastructure as another utility — that is, a modern convenience that has become as accepted and expected as electricity and running water. Users are not interested in knowing where the wires are laid (Yes, there are a lot of wires in wireless networks) or how the pipes are arranged. They simply expect the convenience of seamless, invisible, universal access and performance. So, it has become for cellular service.

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