Saturday, 4 November 2017

The WiFi Advantage

Free Access......

WiFi is primarily known for free access, and likely to be same for the end user despite of its improvement of QoS and seemless access like cellular technologies, as may be in the case of next gen WiFi.

The reality of WiFi is that there going to be a continuous decrease in "pay by end user" model empirically by 10-20% since 2015.

Mature Technology.........

We all know Wi-Fi is mature technology with a deep rooted ecosystem. Wi-Fi, essentilly for wireless LAN connectivity, has come parallel to cellular like access technology. Wi-Fi access points keeping the pace for data speed and much more to counter the cellular like for QoS and QoE etc.
Space for opportunities and innovations........

But Wi-Fi is not essentially for access like cellular, so there is a space available here when bringing it for access technology alternative, though better to say - in current scenarios associative to cellular. The space for augmented ecosystem - like using bigdata, analytics, OTT provisioning, user experience app etc.
This space provides new innovation for network selection, QoS management, QoE creation, use case provisioning, application development etc, based on news technological advance like bigdata, analytics, OTT app etc.
This space requirement is to be managed and coordinated to bring the Wi-Fi as an standard access technlogy. This is posible through new initiatives ........
Driving Forces.........

Going forward the main driving force for WiFi acceptance and #WiFi Has big role in,
1. IOT/Video/OTT. 
2. LBS and CiTy Wide services. 
3. Public places shopping mall, trasport stations, education etc