Friday, 7 July 2017

ETSI’s MEC plans were signified with a name change and expanded focus to include hetnets using LTE, 5G, fixed broadband and Wi-Fi technologies.

In addition to the name change, ETSI said the group’s focus will expand to “address multiple MEC hosts being deployed in many different networks, owned by various operators and running edge applications in a collaborative manner.” This expansion is set to include work on heterogeneous networks using LTE, “5G” technologies, fixed deployments and Wi-Fi technologies, with current work to simplify application programming interfaces, standards-based interfaces for multi-access hosts and an alignment with network functions virtualization architectures.

ETSI explained the move to “embrace the challenges in the second phase of work and better reflect non-cellular operators’ requirements.”

“In phase two, we are expanding our horizons and addressing challenges associated with the multiplicity of hosts and stakeholders,” explained Alex Reznik, who was recently elected chairman of the MEC ISG. “The goal is to enable a complete multi-access edge computing system able to address the wide range of use cases which require edge computing, including [internet of things]. We will continue to work closely with [Third Generation Partnership Project], ETSI NFV ISG and other SDOs as well as key industry organizations to ensure that edge computing applications can be developed to a standardized, broadly adopted platform.”
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